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The Planet's   Most Powerful

Carbon Footprint Tracker

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Climate Action

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Automated tracking for all aspects of your footprint, from purchases to travel.


Unmatched accuracy in carbon footprint calculations.

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Scoring made using real data collected from brands & supply chains.

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Feedback on choices in products, brands & retailers with product-by-product precision.

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Extensive guidance for improving your sustainability. 

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The Best Solution for Climate Change

Until now, solutions for climate change have been inadequate. Carbon capture only fixes a part of the problem, industry pledges are too slow and governments can only set minimum requirements. 

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Progress Must   Accelerate

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of Global GHG Emissions Are Due to Our Consumer Behaviour

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We're the Most Powerful Force for Driving Progress

Still, other platforms have large inaccuracies, being unable to track which brand specific products we buy. Each purchase is a vote for a sustainable brand. Our footprint improvements, with these votes, are the most powerful force for driving sustainability on a large scale.

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Innovative & Automated Tracking Methods

ECOZE covers the complete picture of your carbon emissions with 1st-of-it's-kind product-level detail.

Unrivalled Carbon Footprint Accuracy

With this we collect real data from supply chains, ensuring our platform is as accurate as possible and reflects real-time progress happening in the world.

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Drive Impactful Change on a Much Larger Scale

All this enables you to identify and support the truly eco-friendly brands and supply chains, while maximising your own footprint improvements. This drives meaningful change on a much larger scale. United, we can combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

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Game Changing, £ Saving

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Pure £ Saving

Witness the magic of detailed product insights and your spending behaviour. Discover sustainable products that can save you money. Not all eco-friendly options are more expensive; in fact, many can lead to substantial savings. Gain insight into your savings from eco-friendly purchases, empowering you to make budget-wise, responsible choices.


Cost Efficiency

Our pioneering tracking technology and footprint calculation bring you the ECOZE Cost Efficiency Unit. This feature seamlessly guides you on the most economical journey to your desired carbon footprint. In simple terms? Maximise your impact per pound.



As you take strides in making sustainable choices and enhancing your carbon footprint, unlock exclusive offers and rewards tailored just for you.

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